Valentine’s Cupcakes

For my February reflection, I have chosen to pick Valentine’s Cupcakes because it was the one I very enjoy cooking and bringing home. Since I do not eat/buy much cupcakes, I was very interested how it turned out and how to make them. This lab was very enjoyable because making the icing and the cupcake itself was a slow process but had more time to enjoy cooking with my friends. Moreover, since I did not know how to put icing on, my group mates helped a lot to make the final product amazing. There was some problems of miscommunication between some people, however, we overcame it in the following labs and were successful for the rest. This was our stepping point of making more communication while cooking.


In conclusion, I would love to do this lab once more because the end product was very good. However, we, as a group, will improve our communication to know what is going on around us if we were to do this lab again.




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One thought on “Valentine’s Cupcakes

  1. Good work, Max. For future reflection, try to provide a bit of prescriptive points as well, for example, provide some ways that you might be able to improve your communication. Otherwise, well done.

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