Homework Lesson #1 – The Art of Drawing Fashion Design Figures -Assignment #1

Textiles 12 – The Art of Drawing Fashion Design Figures – Assignment #1

On whichever day that you are home in the afternoon (Monday or Tuesday), instead of in class at school, you need to complete the following lesson and assignment: The assignment is Due Wednesday, Feb. 10

The purpose of fashion illustration are TWO things:

  1. To help the designer explain their idea of how they want their clothing deign to look when it is made and worn, and
  2. To promote, or sell, the design of the clothing to the public.

SO, the croquis has to be a dramatic illustration, exaggerating the figure in one way or another.  It is ARTFULLY presented, rather than mechanically/robotically presented.  Most of the time the HEIGHT of the figure is exaggerated, and it is the LEGS whose length is exaggerated the most.

Your assignment is to draw 2 DIFFERENT Fashion Figure ILLUSTRATIONS  as follows:

  1. ONE in a front pose, without clothes
  2. ONE in a different pose than the first, also without clothes

Each of your figure drawings should be a full page in size (small drawings do not help you learn to draw!).

Your figure drawings can be MALE or FEMALE or ANDROGENOUS – you choose.

Your figure drawings need to describe the anatomical curves of the body

Your figure drawings should simplify the hands, feet, and face.

Your figure drawings must be exaggerated in a dramatic way.

Your figure drawings must show a standing pose – you choose the pose.

I am including two separate instructional videos to assist you in how you might practice your drawings.  Be sure to check them out.

Assessment is as follows:

Figure 1   – 10 marks

Figure 2    – 10 marks

TOTAL      20 marks for two drawings

The human figure is ABOUT 7 ½ heads tall (including the head).  HOWEVER it is a tradition in Fashion Illustration to ELONGATE the body – really exaggerate it – in the drawings, because the elongation gives DRAMA to the look.  Fashion croquis, therefore, are typically drawn 9, 10, or even 11 heads tall!

In youtube videos Zoe Hong does an excellent job of teaching how to map out a 10 heads tall female and a male fashion figure.  While she traces over a figure from a magazine you might instead just follow along with her as she draws each line, copying her line work as she goes.  Please WATCH one of these two  Zoe Hong videos to help you learn how to DRAW A FIGURE from the FRONT VIEW and to complete your  above Assignment:











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