Core Compitencies

Core Competencies


I will be self-reflecting on the sway I did for English and my all about me, it’s about a story that I thought about that would be funny and seem interesting once you read through it.


How I used my creative thinking into this:


I thought about things that would grab the reader’s attention in the beginning and middle of the story, I made it sounds like a true story because of how descriptive and how vivid my story was which made it incredibly better.


How I think creatively of ideas from home and school is that, I think more creatively at school making me process things much better at school and makes me try harder because there is a topic of what to do such as my sway made me think hard and creative for that reason. At home I don’t really try because there’s no topic nor motivation.


Somethings that help me generate ideas is thinking ahead of what the topic is about as well as researching about the topic to understand more, for the sway I did I generated ideas of what happens to me at home and thinking ahead of what the next outcome might be, I also like being descriptive and grabbing the reader’s attention about the story and everything making the reader love to read more.



How is show my listening skills is when the teacher is speaking, I put my stuff down and show active listening towards the teacher until she’s don’t talking about the topic or what is happening, this affects my all about me project a lot because if I didn’t listen to the requirements I would’ve not known what to do causing me to get a bad grade but I did show active listening and I got a amazing grade.


Some skills I use to enhance. My learning skills is I use descriptive words and don’t make the sentences basic and plain I add words and sentences that grab the reader’s attention and some fun facts that the reader will see that is interesting. For my all about me I added some fun facts and descriptive words to show my learning.