Fresh Look At the Periodic Table

Defining the problem:

The science community has asked 3 people in our group for a new design of the periodic table.

Q: How will our critical thinking develop a brand new periodic table?

Q: will the science community come to an agreement with the new periodic table?

Q: how would we arrange the table to make it better then the original?

Q: will the new table affect peoples ability to find an element faster?

Q: would we change the shape of the table?


what it tells me is when you go down the groups the atomic mass gradually gets larger and when you go right from the periods the atomic number goes up.

I would arrange it in alphabetical order so people would know which area to look for according to the letters in the periodic table. Also we would try our best to push everything together so It would be seen in 1 eye so you don’t have to look down and other sides just 1 area of the sheet.

I would like to know how the outcome and how the piece of work were gonna develop will change and look at the end of the creation.


we would make the table so we would colour the gases yellow and the transition metals blue the alkali metals green the alkali earth metals orange lanthanide and actinide pink and colour hydrogen and helium neon.

if we compact everything together in the periodic table we think our design will make it easier to look for elements within 1 view, you won’t have to look up of down and in every direction to seek an element.


We designed our table to be more clear and easier to understand for an individual. We pushed all the elements closer to each other so things can be seen better in a closer view, we pushed the lanthanide and actinide series together with all the other metals so it would be seen in 1 eye. We also coloured it to make it more understandable on what it is.

our delivery worked out to be very good because we managed to combine all the elements in 1 view and we colour coated it so it would be easier to identify when you will need to use it.


how I would’ve improved my plan is if we had more time I would’ve spent more time to adjust the shape of the table so it would be an actual square, but other then that the new periodic table we made is well thought out and well done. also we took a while to figure out how we would put it together like a puzzle until we removed pieces and added them in a brand new location and its very simple now.


Daniel, Rachel, Josh