Consumable Waste

What types of packaging does food come in?

There are many types of packaging that food comes in such as plastic , cardboard and paper which can be harmful if set out in the sea.

What types of material are in food packaging?

plastics, metals  (aluminum, steel), wood, styrofoam, paper, and glass.

Why do I think those materials were chosen specifically?

The reason most major companies chose to use to materials is because it would be perfect food food preservation. The packaging protects the products and stops them and the energy, water and materials used to make them from going to waste. it also won’t go bad if you leave it in the fridge or in the counter top. another reason is , is that the companies don’t have to spend a lot of money on the making or buying of the material or product.

how is packaging both positive and negative for the consumer?

Some positive benefits for packaged food is that it can be persevered and still stay fresh and clean , as well as you can transport it anywhere without any problems that will affect the food or anything else. food packaging extends the food life for the product on the shelf or you could call it shelf life whatever suits you best.

Some negative impacts are , while packaging the product it makes it look newer and fresher on the shelf or freezer grabbing the customers attention so most store owners raise the prices of food that are packaged like that. Another one is how it affects land fill, the packaging is responsible for 1 third of the worlds waste problem in the sea and in surface land , because the plastic that they use cannot be dissolved or broken down until 7 years and even then theres some left.

What happens to these packaging materials once we have eaten the food inside?

Most people throw it out in the garbage or the designated area of where you have to throw it, some people become lazy and just throw it out in the ocean or streets causing animals to eat them thinking its food then the animals can’t digest plastic and it will stay in their stomach for years and slowly die from the plastic chemicals.

Where is the packaging waste in 1 day 1 year 1 hundred years?

In 1 day the food packaging (plastic) goes to the human landfills or in the waterways or oceans

in 1 year the plastic still continues to stay in the ocean or landfill and gradually grows larger every year by a lot. in the present right now theres enough plastic and garbage to make up a size of an island.

in 100 years most plastic usually broke down a little but that doesn’t stop the new plastic waste to come in making it larger and staying the same unless they make a system to get rid of plastic but that will happen soon in the future.


3-4 suggestions for ways that consumers (us) can decrease the amount of waste we create.

my first suggestion  would be to pick up garbage from the ground and put them in the garbage or recycling bin.

my second suggestion would be to to inform others about the problems about what will happen to the environment and oceans if we don’t recycle or reduce the amount of waste going into the oceans

my third suggestion would be to use or bring your own bags (non plastic) when you go shopping or do other things instead of getting more plastic and making that go into the oceans or land fill.