British Govern Quebec

As a British official, I realize there are many alternatives to governing Quebec. I have chosen the policy of isolation to ensure the colony is properly run because it would let the French, British and natives to have their own space that would lead them to have less conflict and problems in the later future. It would also leave them room to expand their colonies and create a border which would make sense with immigration and stuff along those lines. As I have outlined above, I believe the best policy for governing Quebec is isolation. This will ensure that the colony will remain under British control and provide wealth for our glorious country.

Community Connections Facchineri

Today I have interviewed a footballer that plays for whitecaps and Canada soccer named Gianfranco  Facchineri.

I have chosen this specific person because he recently got signed for the whitecaps and started his footballer career recently which means his career is slowly taking off.

What I have learned from him was is you have to be very focused and passionate about what your doing or else nothing will happen if your not determined to what you want to do, he also demonstrates how you can achieve your dreams if you work hard.


  1. why are you passionate about your job?
  • “I’m passionate because I love what I do and I always have ever since I was young”

2.  What obstacles have you faced to get to where you are today?

  • “there have been major setbacks such as minor injuries and self doubt”

3.  what advice would you pass on to someone interested in what you are doing?

  • “My best advice would be to enjoy working hard because of the outcome at the end”

4.  would you be open to further riverside students and if so, how can someone contact you?

  • no answer

5.  how did you get rid of all the people that always doubted you?

  • “the people that doubt you, you have to just ignore and move on”

6.  was being a soccer player your dream?

  • “being a footballer was always my dream”



I then proceeded to talk about how I wanted to become a footballer. here what I said “my dream is to make the whitecaps one day and be a soccer player I’ve been player and practicing every single day I hope I can achieve my dreams one day”

he then responds “I hope you can too bro. All the best”



I gathered all the photos from his instagram page that I have linked already.


Power Information Fluency

Power Information Fluency 

Part 1)

Some benefits:  What are some benefits that energy production give?

  • When creating energy without using greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel such as coal, oil and, gas it reduces the pollution in the air caused by burning fossil fuels significantly.Photography of FactoryIt opens up a whole new world of development and jobs in manufacturing, installation and many more…

What are some great benefits of electric cars? :

The cost of your gas spendings will decrease significantly, weekly trips to the gas station will be expensive especially since Vancouvers gas prices will tend to go up and be very expensive.


When you have an electric car you can forget about spending all that Money,  Not only Is electricity more expensive than gas but it has a way more reasonable price such as the car Tesla or BMW electric cars. Person Sitting Inside Car






In history humans always had a bad impact in the environment such as breaking trees for unnecessary reasons besides paper having a bad car that makes the air terribly polluted, but if you used an electric car that wouldn’t be the case because electric cars do not shoot out bad air from it exhaust due to it being electric and when your running low on power you can simply plug it in into the charging ports.

Two White and Red Tesla Charging Station


What are the challenges/issues with having an electric car? :

There are many issues and challenges while owning an electric car such as, will the battery have a malfunction? or will the self driving option drive on its own and you can’t do anything about it?

If the self driving feature starts to act up you must not drive the vehicle at all or you will have a potential risk of death, your best bet is to call the Tesla service company to come to your house to fix it or you can drive to the Tesla service shop but you must not turn on self drive mode

Blue Metal Tool

Now about the battery, the more you use the battery over a long period of years they usual last up to 300,000 – 500,000 miles for the average life span of the Tesla battery pack but if something happens to the car such as failure to charge it or problems with the battery while driving you must replace it asap because those are one of the highest chance of stuff happening to your car

A statement for Justin Truedau: 

Dear, Justin Trudeau , I’m Daniel from riverside secondary school grade 9 , I’m researching electric cars and its benefits, I suggest within the next 20-30 years we should have all cars that run on gas to be taken out from the streets and have electric cars to help stop pollution and spend less money on gas, Thanks -Daniel

Part 2)  : Answer 

What are the benefits of owning a suitable electric car?

What are the benefits that energy production give?

What are the challenges of having a an electric car?

What are possible issues of having a electric car?

How long would a normal Tesla battery pack last?

I already answered those questions above.

2. What new or familiar digital tools did I try to use as you worked though this project?

I used pixels to gather all my photos I have used:

I used this website to answer the question: what are the benefits of having an electric car:

I used this website to find the issues and challenges of electric cars:

3.  What was the process to investigate the topic?

I had to figure out some good questions to investigate my topic so I first searched up the benefits for electric cars to get a better understanding on electric cars I also verified my answers by going to other websites just to double check if its a positive answer that everyone has just so I know its not a lie, I also had to search for relatable photos in pexels to make it match to what I am talking about

4. how did I verify and cite the images you found?

What I did was I searched the information I needed then I went to other websites to double check and see if its a verified fact by other cites that carry the same information when I saw that its a real fact I read it even more to have a better understanding on it and then typed all the information I needed to support my question

5)  How did the process go to complete this challenge?

It took me a good while to gather all the info I need which I see was a big challenge for me to find a relevant source of info to apply to this assignment, over all I think I did my best and It took me a while to find good photos, over all I think I did very well but it just took a while to accomplish.


Fresh Look At the Periodic Table

Defining the problem:

The science community has asked 3 people in our group for a new design of the periodic table.

Q: How will our critical thinking develop a brand new periodic table?

Q: will the science community come to an agreement with the new periodic table?

Q: how would we arrange the table to make it better then the original?

Q: will the new table affect peoples ability to find an element faster?

Q: would we change the shape of the table?


what it tells me is when you go down the groups the atomic mass gradually gets larger and when you go right from the periods the atomic number goes up.

I would arrange it in alphabetical order so people would know which area to look for according to the letters in the periodic table. Also we would try our best to push everything together so It would be seen in 1 eye so you don’t have to look down and other sides just 1 area of the sheet.

I would like to know how the outcome and how the piece of work were gonna develop will change and look at the end of the creation.


we would make the table so we would colour the gases yellow and the transition metals blue the alkali metals green the alkali earth metals orange lanthanide and actinide pink and colour hydrogen and helium neon.

if we compact everything together in the periodic table we think our design will make it easier to look for elements within 1 view, you won’t have to look up of down and in every direction to seek an element.


We designed our table to be more clear and easier to understand for an individual. We pushed all the elements closer to each other so things can be seen better in a closer view, we pushed the lanthanide and actinide series together with all the other metals so it would be seen in 1 eye. We also coloured it to make it more understandable on what it is.

our delivery worked out to be very good because we managed to combine all the elements in 1 view and we colour coated it so it would be easier to identify when you will need to use it.


how I would’ve improved my plan is if we had more time I would’ve spent more time to adjust the shape of the table so it would be an actual square, but other then that the new periodic table we made is well thought out and well done. also we took a while to figure out how we would put it together like a puzzle until we removed pieces and added them in a brand new location and its very simple now.


Daniel, Rachel, Josh