Chili Week Reflection


it was the first class of 2020 I walked into class and we were introduced to a new project/challenge we had to make for 3 judges, the food that we had to make was Chili so we and my group worked together to find and plan out a good Chili recipe that will blow the judges mind away, but first our group had to find out what our group name was so we named it ‘kingkongs”, then the day was slowly coming to an end so our group decided to find recipes the next day.


I walked into foods class exited to find a recipe to cook for the judges on Thursday, so then we came across a Chili that looked simple, delicious , and that have the right amount of species to really make the mouth water and it was called “the best simple Chili” we finished our research so then our group had to brainstorm ideas for the Chili name and other information to fallout the sheet mr Brett gave us.


The day we started to whip up the Chili, our group contributed equally by gathering all the ingredients necessary for our Chili recipe once we got all ur ingredients we chopped up the onions once we did that we put it in the hot pot then I stirred the onions and once they were about to turn brown we added the ground beef I broke it apart In the pot and let Ola break it apart as well, once the beef is getting cooked we added the spices for the Chili then the beans and all the other ingredients, then me and Yanni stirred until the bell rang so then we had to cook it for 5 more minutes so our group decided it would be better to do it the next day, we tired the chill and we all knew the chili would be the winner.

Thursday: we walk into class and get our chilis out right away for heating once we did that Lindsey got the ingredients for the braided cheese bread we had to do so she was doing that while me and Yanni were watching over the chili so it doesn’t over cook, once it was good we finished we helped do the braiding with Lindsey then we put it into the oven. Once we finished that we were first up against the judges we presented our dish and they really liked it, but sadly we came in second place

Conclusion: Over all I think my group did very good and we all contributed equally towards eachother, everyone had their own duties and everyone did them right. Good Job


Fresh Look At the Periodic Table

Defining the problem:

The science community has asked 3 people in our group for a new design of the periodic table.

Q: How will our critical thinking develop a brand new periodic table?

Q: will the science community come to an agreement with the new periodic table?

Q: how would we arrange the table to make it better then the original?

Q: will the new table affect peoples ability to find an element faster?

Q: would we change the shape of the table?


what it tells me is when you go down the groups the atomic mass gradually gets larger and when you go right from the periods the atomic number goes up.

I would arrange it in alphabetical order so people would know which area to look for according to the letters in the periodic table. Also we would try our best to push everything together so It would be seen in 1 eye so you don’t have to look down and other sides just 1 area of the sheet.

I would like to know how the outcome and how the piece of work were gonna develop will change and look at the end of the creation.


we would make the table so we would colour the gases yellow and the transition metals blue the alkali metals green the alkali earth metals orange lanthanide and actinide pink and colour hydrogen and helium neon.

if we compact everything together in the periodic table we think our design will make it easier to look for elements within 1 view, you won’t have to look up of down and in every direction to seek an element.


We designed our table to be more clear and easier to understand for an individual. We pushed all the elements closer to each other so things can be seen better in a closer view, we pushed the lanthanide and actinide series together with all the other metals so it would be seen in 1 eye. We also coloured it to make it more understandable on what it is.

our delivery worked out to be very good because we managed to combine all the elements in 1 view and we colour coated it so it would be easier to identify when you will need to use it.


how I would’ve improved my plan is if we had more time I would’ve spent more time to adjust the shape of the table so it would be an actual square, but other then that the new periodic table we made is well thought out and well done. also we took a while to figure out how we would put it together like a puzzle until we removed pieces and added them in a brand new location and its very simple now.


Daniel, Rachel, Josh










Consumable Waste

What types of packaging does food come in?

There are many types of packaging that food comes in such as plastic , cardboard and paper which can be harmful if set out in the sea.

What types of material are in food packaging?

plastics, metals  (aluminum, steel), wood, styrofoam, paper, and glass.

Why do I think those materials were chosen specifically?

The reason most major companies chose to use to materials is because it would be perfect food food preservation. The packaging protects the products and stops them and the energy, water and materials used to make them from going to waste. it also won’t go bad if you leave it in the fridge or in the counter top. another reason is , is that the companies don’t have to spend a lot of money on the making or buying of the material or product.

how is packaging both positive and negative for the consumer?

Some positive benefits for packaged food is that it can be persevered and still stay fresh and clean , as well as you can transport it anywhere without any problems that will affect the food or anything else. food packaging extends the food life for the product on the shelf or you could call it shelf life whatever suits you best.

Some negative impacts are , while packaging the product it makes it look newer and fresher on the shelf or freezer grabbing the customers attention so most store owners raise the prices of food that are packaged like that. Another one is how it affects land fill, the packaging is responsible for 1 third of the worlds waste problem in the sea and in surface land , because the plastic that they use cannot be dissolved or broken down until 7 years and even then theres some left.

What happens to these packaging materials once we have eaten the food inside?

Most people throw it out in the garbage or the designated area of where you have to throw it, some people become lazy and just throw it out in the ocean or streets causing animals to eat them thinking its food then the animals can’t digest plastic and it will stay in their stomach for years and slowly die from the plastic chemicals.

Where is the packaging waste in 1 day 1 year 1 hundred years?

In 1 day the food packaging (plastic) goes to the human landfills or in the waterways or oceans

in 1 year the plastic still continues to stay in the ocean or landfill and gradually grows larger every year by a lot. in the present right now theres enough plastic and garbage to make up a size of an island.

in 100 years most plastic usually broke down a little but that doesn’t stop the new plastic waste to come in making it larger and staying the same unless they make a system to get rid of plastic but that will happen soon in the future.


3-4 suggestions for ways that consumers (us) can decrease the amount of waste we create.

my first suggestion  would be to pick up garbage from the ground and put them in the garbage or recycling bin.

my second suggestion would be to to inform others about the problems about what will happen to the environment and oceans if we don’t recycle or reduce the amount of waste going into the oceans

my third suggestion would be to use or bring your own bags (non plastic) when you go shopping or do other things instead of getting more plastic and making that go into the oceans or land fill.