The new Physics 11 curriculum is designed around 5 core ideas:

1. Kinematics allows us to predict, describe and analyze and objects motion (Kinematics)
2. Forces influence the motion of an object (Dynamics)
3. Momentum is conserved in a closed system (Momentum)
4. Energy is found in different forms, is conserved and has the ability to do work (Energy)
5. The application of conservation laws explains the flow of electricity within a circuit (Electricity)
Additionally, there are 4 optional units that incorporate 4 more big ideas: At least two of these units must be completed.
1. Light can be modeled as a wave or particle (Waves and Optics)
2. Quantum mechanics can be used to describe the behavior of very small particles (Quantum Mechanics)
3. Special Relativity helps explain the relationship between space and time (Special relativity)
4. Nuclear reactions involve changes in the atomic nucleus (Nuclear Physics)

This course will use various core competencies, lab work, technology and projects to address the learning outcomes.