Who does it involve?

This article involves the UN’s women’s situation on inequality. The article talks about a declaration that talks about how humans should be equally treated despite gender, race, and others. Even though this declaration was written in 1948, this still should be true today. This article also talks about the Beijing Conference on Woman in 1995, which was a large step for feminism. In the article, though woman want equality and more rights, they do not specify how they are going to achieve this goal of theirs which still leaves a question unanswered.


Why did you choose this article?

I chose this article because it has the opinions of women’s perspective on inequality and it informs me on their situation. This article also was one of the top articles when I searched up “gender equality issues” so this article is very popular and hopefully accurate.


How does this news article relate to the story we are reading- The Friday Everything Changed?

This subject is almost the same as The Friday Everything Changed, equal rights. In the book, the girls in the class wanted equality, and this is a problem for women in the real world. Women want to be equal or more than men, just like the book.