What to do Now?

I think people should just stop doing hand gestures to each other as a greeting until further notice from the government. I think this because it is still unclear on how easily the virus spreads, it would be a safe bet on not to touch others. But, If people were to greet each other with some sort of hand gesture, people should greet each other by not touching each others hands. For now, people should not shake each others hands, but when this pandemic has come to an end, people will probably go back to their old ways.

The Importance of Why

No light bulb(s) in staircase



Why doesn’t it work well?

Can be dangerous

Why is it dangerous?

Because you cannot see where you are going

Why can you not see where you are going?

Because there is no light bulb slot to put a light bulb anywhere in the ceiling.

Why is there no light bulb slot in the ceiling?

Because it was poorly designed


Why is it poorly designed?

The workers did not think to have lightbulbs in the staircase

Importance of Fasteners

Wood Screws: Screws used for wood and other soft materials.

Machine Screws: Used for the assembly of metal parts.

Self Cutting Machine Screws: Machine Screws with a thread cutting, self tapping point.

Sheet Metal Screws: Designed to be directly driven into sheetmetal. Can also be used on plastic, fiber glass, or wood.

Self Driving Sheet Metal Screws: Just Sheet Metal Screws with a self drilling point.

Hex Bolt: Used with a nut or a tap pole.

Carriage Bolts: Has a spur section which pulls in the material to prevent spinning during installation. Used to fasten wood parts.

Lag Bolts: A heavy duty screw that are used to connect heavy lumber or other heavy materials.

Socket Screws: Are Machine Screws with an internal hex socket.

Set Screws: Used to hold a nub colour, pulley or gear.

Eye Bolt: Used for attaching a rope or a chain.

Eye Lag: Uses wood thread instead of machine thread.

J Bolts: Used for tie downs.

U Bolts: Attaching pipes and other round surfaces.

Shoulder Bolts: To create a pivot point.

Elevator Bolts: Used in conveyer systems.

Sex Bolts: Used for through bolting applications, where a head is desired on both sides of the joint.

Mating Screws: Has a shoulder that matches the diameter of the sex bolt.

Rube Goldberg Reflection

  1. Things that went well

The machine worked, but because of the last minute adjustments, but because of our mistakes and misplacements, the machine did not work 2/3 of the time.

  1. Problems that occurred during the process

The lever was not even and centered to the large ramp 2/3 of the time, 1/3 the ball went off course because of this, and the other time the ramp was slightly off centered, but the ball made its way to the multiple small ramps, but, because it was slightly off centered, the ball could not put out then flame.

  1. Things that you’d do different next time

Glue all of the buildings together.

  1. Testing results

It worked 1/3 of the time.