Nuclear Debate: My Perspective

I think nuclear energy has a good side and a bad side. Nuclear energy is good or bad depending on where you use it.


Stable operation of the nuclear power, unlike wind power is highly affected by the external environment of water and electricity, nuclear power now generally 18 months refueling, need to shut down 2 ~ 3 weeks, the other time mostly in full power operation, is now a one million mw unit, the output value is about ten million yuan a day.
Unlike fossil fuels nuclear power generation as massive emissions of polluting substances into the atmosphere, so nuclear power does not cause air pollution. Nuclear power does not produce increase carbon dioxide earth’s greenhouse effect, nuclear fuel energy density than fossil fuels millions of times on high, so the nuclear power plant fuel used by small size, transportation and storage are very convenient, a 1 billion – megawatt nuclear power plant takes 30 tonnes of uranium fuel a year, a voyage transport aircraft can be completed.

Nuclear power plants produce high and low levels of radioactive waste, or spent nuclear fuel, although it is small in size, but because of it.
Radiation, therefore, must be carefully handled and faced with considerable political difficulties. The thermal efficiency of nuclear power plants is low, so it is more waste heat than the general fossil fuel power plants. Therefore, the thermal pollution of nuclear power plants is more serious.
The construction of nuclear power plants is more likely to spark political discord.
There is a large amount of radioactive material in the reactor of the nuclear power plant. If it is released into the environment in the accident, it will be made to the ecology and the people.
To damage.




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