Careers/ conversations reflection

The opportunity for me to speak to some people with various careers. Overall my experience learning about these new jobs was inspiring. I talked to some talented people who I was so interested. these people helped me about open up my options on what I can do when I graduated from university.

I spoke with Lindsey Jackson. She has many different jobs, Writer/ Producer/ Researcher/ interviewer in Reality or Documentary TV. I learned that I do not have to focus on one job, I can have multiple jobs and combine them together. her job is not what her expected, because of everyday is a new adventure. This inspired me to realize that not everyday has to be the same, I could have a variety of places to work.

Then I spoke to Jennifer Nelson. She is an English teacher. English is very impotent for me also is hard. English is my second language, even if I work in China, I have to good at English, too. I learned that if I want to improve my English skill, I need make some Canadian friends, hang out with them, more talking, more listening.