Character Sketch – Two Fishermen

Michael Foster from the short story the “Two Fishermen” wasa tall, long-legged, eager young man, he is a young up-and-coming journalist who works for small town newspaper. Michael wanted to go to the city some day and work on an important newspaper, he was an well educated middle to upper class citizen. Michael is an single man, however he has many relationships around town like the people that work at the sherif’s office, newspaper worker, towns people, and the hotel workers. Michael is a dishonest man, who is willing to lie for his job and is very good at manipulating others. Smitty had a reputation as being the bad guy because he was the hangman and Michael didn’t want to associate himself with Smitty. When Smitty was being bullied by the towns people after hanging Thomas Delaney, but Michael does not stand up for Smitty, he was worried about the mood of the towns people, he is a coward.

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