Capital Punishment in “Two Fishermen”

-Capital punishment was removed from the Canadian Criminal Code in 1976, it was replaced with a mandatory life sentence without possibility of parole for 25 years for all first-degree murders. If the story “Two fisherman” was based in Canada, Thomas Delaney’s crime did not fit the criteria of capital punishment in Canada during 1962.

-In the short story “Two Fisherman” by Morley Callaghan, Thomas Delaney should have been killed for his actions in defending his wife. He had killed old Mathew Rhinehart, whatever the reason, the result is that he killed a person. In order not to break the law, although in this case, this decision was unfair to the murderer, but he has to be sanctioned by the law. Thomas Delaney knew that kill people will Breaking the law, but he still did, so he is responsible for his actions.