Plot Point Photo Compilation

1) Exposition

Quote: “Because I do not sleep well I hear my father rising to go to work. I know that in a few minutes he will come in to look at me sleeping. He will want to check that I came home last night. He will sand in his bare feet, his shoes and socks in his hand, looking at me. I will sleep for him… This is my son who let me down. I love him so much it hurts but he won’t talk to me. He tells me nothing” (MacLaverty 165).


Explanation: The quote presented: introduces characters, their personalities and views towards one another. The father’s anxious nature is hinted at by his sons explanation of how father constantly checks on him in his sleep “to check that [His son] came home” (MacLaverty 165). As well as his fear the quote shows his discontent of their current relationship and his untold love for him. However, the son isn’t as well defined in this exposition quote. Though, it does show his care or at the least pity for his father as he will “sleep for him’ (MacLaverty 165).


2) Inciting Incident

Quote:”My son is breaking my heart. It is already broken… If I leave him alone he will break my heart anyway. I must speak to him…

‘What do you be doing out to this time?’ ‘

Not again.’

‘Answer me.’

‘ Talking.’

‘Who with?’

‘Friends, just go to bed, Da, will you?’

‘What do you talk about?’

‘Nothing much.’ ‘

‘talk to me, son’” (MacLaverty 166).


Explanation: The quote presented this information: The father intends to talk to his son because his son hurt his feelings, which is why they are arguing. Because of this argument leads to the following events.


3) Rising Action

Quote: “‘ I let you go once- and look what happened.’… For two years I never heard a scrape from you…Then a doctor phoned for me at work. ‘I had to go collect you. Like a dog.’…Socks, drawers, shits, the lot. In a carrier-bag. The doctor said he had to burn what was on you. I made you have your girl’s hair cut. It was Belfast before we spoke. You had the taint of England in your voice” (MacLaverty 167-168)


Explanation: This extract from “Father and Son” is the father’s recollection of an event prior to the story. It briefly describes the time when the Father’s son disappeared for two years. This quote of course expands our knowledge of the son’s background and perhaps why their relationship has become what it is now, and in turn adding tension.


4) Rising Action

Quote: “My son, he is full of hatred. For me, for everything. He spits when he speaks. When he shouts his voice breaks high and he is like a woman. He grinds his teeth and his skin goes white about his mouth. His hands shake. All because I ask him where he goes. Perhaps I need to show him more love. Care for him more than I do… My son I am sorry. I do it because I love you” (MacLaverty 168)


Explanation: The quote expands once again on their relationship, both from the Sons point of view and the father’s. This is a very explicit example of the son’s attitude and actions towards his father; and it is clear his Father is aware of his feeling. Nonetheless the Father loves his son more than anything despite his apparent hatred for him. This makes readers sympathize with the father, only making the latter scenes more devastating.

5) Rising Action

Quote:”The door Swings open and he pushes a hand-gun beneath the pillow. Seen long enough, black and squat, dull like a garden slug. He sits, my son, his hands idling empty, staring hatred. ‘Why do you always spy on me, you nosey old bastard?’ His voice breaks, his eyes bulge.

‘What is that? Under your pillow?’

‘It is none of your business.’ He kicks the door closed in my face with his bare foot”(MacLaverty 169).

Explanation:The relationship between father and son is still poor. The father monitors his son because he loves his son so much but this is exactly what the son hates. The father discovered the gun under his son’s pillow while they were arguing. This gun is a foreshadowing

6) Climax

Quote: “There is a ring at the door. The boy answers it, his shirt-tail out. Voices in the hallway. My son with friends. Talking. What he does not do with me. There is a bang… Not believing, I look into the hallway…My son is lying on the floor, his head on the bottom stair, his feet on the threshold” (MacLaverty 169).


Explanation:The quote presented this information: The author describes in detail the situation of the son when he was killed, and from the father’s point of view of this event.


7) Falling Action

Quote: “‘Are you hurt?’ Blood is spilling from his nose. They have punched you and you are not badly hurt. Your nose is bleeding. Something cold at the back of your neck”(MacLaverty 169).


Explanation:The quote presented this information: After the gunshot, the father found his son lying in a pool of blood, the father comforting his son is not serious injuries, from here you can see that the father can not accept this matter, so self-comfort.


8) Denouement

Quote: “I take my son’s limp head in my hands and see a hole in his nose that should not be there. At the base of his nostril. My son, let me put my arms around you” (MacLaverty 169).


Explanation:The quote presented this information:The father did not cry and did not respond to the death of his son, only made what he always wanted to do’ My son, let me put my arms around you.’ Although the feelings of this quote is very flat, we can still feel the father’s sadness and his deep love for his son.

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