Float Your Boat Science 10

About Our Experiment: In our experiment we created a boat using tin foil, toothpicks, marshmallow and some tape we created a boat that could withstand the weight of 41 pennies. The dimensions of our boat where 1 inch in height, 6 inches long and 2 inches wide. The whole point of this experiment was to see if we could apply our logical and creative thinking in creating a floating and cargo holding boat. We thought that reinforcing our boat with e tooth pick will keep the bottom sturdy and help keep the boat in shape.

Our Hypothesis was: If we create support beams using the tooth picks Then the boat will not sink because it keeps the shape longer then without support.

Conclusion: In conclusion of your “Float Your Boat” Challenge our hypothesis was supported because it held its shape when sinking but compared to the ones without supports theirs shrived up this enabled us to take a large load without changing shape. To sink your boat it took exactly 41 pennies but the highest score was done by the boat under the name of “Sally” the boat held 90 pennies. Some errors that we think we did was as followed we had small holes in the sides of our boat so some water came it if we didn’t have these holes then we could have held up to 50 coins. later in the future we could experiment with different materials to build our boat. We could use wax paper and plastic wrap because these 2 materials don’t absorb water.

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