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Canadians Helping People Of Fort McMurray

Some people in Canada have an piece of their heart for the rest of the world this video from CBC news and this article have proven to me that there are people who are willing to help the ones in desperate need.  These people in my mind are true Canadians. Canadians stand for one another in times of need because here in Canada we live a fairly safe life but in Syria families are dying because of the actions that are being taken right now. People like the lady in the video are true Canadian for there time and dedication to help people in need because some people wish and pray that they had a life like Canadians so free and filled with excitement. The Fort McMurray wild fire was tragic for allot of families in the Albertan Area. Just within two days the fire spread and many people where forced to evacuate. Most people lost everything to this fire and it would take them years to earn it all back. Canadian from all across Canada pitched in to help these families in need they supplied food, shelter, clothing, donation and voluntary services.

If you would be a Syrian refugee that was trying to escape the war that is going on in your home country would would accept any type of help to survive your time of horror. Their views on Canadians would be around the same as mine because they are accepting help from any type of people and the more help they get the better there future would be. Even though Syrians right now have a horrible amount of resources they are being supported by us Canadian to fulfill their lives.

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