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My Capstone Reflection

Working on this project made me encounter numerous obstacles and roadblocks. These encounters forced me to think outside the box and develop new skills. Through out the time I was working, I managed to create and develop some unintentional skills. Because I was working with 3D modeling, I learned to work in three dimensions. Some nights I would stay wide awake, laying in my bed visualising all the new possibilities that I could incorporate into my project. All I had to do was steady my breathing, close my eyes and concentrate. Now I have the weird ability to see object in three dimensions even though they are not present in front of me. These skills will come in handy in any engineering situation. This will help me excel in the processes of designing my projects as well as always having my end goal in sight. Not only has this experience helped be with this CLC project but now It is starting to influence my Robotics class. Since I am designing and printing my own robot, I must make use of this skill for the better.

The creation of my capstone was quite a journey. In the beginning was the planning phase. This meant that I started, looking at existing homes, going to dig sites, and talking to a professional civil engineer. This phase went quite easily. Next, I had to start creating the project. This is where a lot of problems came into play. First off, the program itself was quite hard to learn, the vocabulary was way out of my league, and the YouTube video did not help much. To solve this problem, I managed to contact Mr. Mieztker. He was kind enough to spend quite a bit of time with me going over the basics. I owe a lot to him, because without his knowledge this project would be incomplete. Because of this roadblock I learned and worked on my confidence for asking for help. I tend to become shy when It comes to asking questions, because sometimes I feel like the answer is obvious but I’m just to dumb to realise it. So, in conclusion I learned that it is never a bad idea to ask a question, even if it is the most rhetorical question on the planet.

Leaving high school, I have learned a lot. If its how to persevere or even how to solder. Regardless, the biggest tip I can give to the upcoming grade 12 ‘s is to be yourself. When presenting your capstone, the teacher is not only looking at the content of your presentation, but they are also looking at your ability to reflect upon yourself within the 4 years you have been in high school. To create a strong and meaningful capstone try thinking about what kinds of courses you have taken until this moment. This will shine light on what you like to do and what your future career might be. Make sure to also step out of your comfort zone to display that you have gained the ability to adapt and overcome obstacles. This will show your teacher that you have worked on and improved your core competency skills. The last, but most important tip I would give any upcoming grade 12 is to find something that you are passionate about. Without a passion this project will be very hard for you to complete because you will find it completely boring or simply irrelevant.

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