Radio Brodcast Of The Raid Of The Bastille

In this project we where asked to create a radio broadcast of one of the significant events in the French revolution.

Me and Josh Thompson chose the Storming of the bastille and we also interviewed 3 people who where involved. In it those people are the  Peasant a Prison Guard and King Louis XVI

English Review

What I have learned in this workshop is how Shakespeare  spoke and wrote his plays and a little about his life.  A thing that I liked about this workshop was that they engaged you into the life and writing style of Shakespeare and present our own takes of the play.

Biome Project

This project was a pretty easy one for my part but I don’t know how my group members felt about this project what I think I did good to contribute to this is the help I gave them when making this project if they had any problems I could help them with it. Another thing I think I did well is presentation wise I put in allot of effort to make it look as good as it is and I tried to make my part of the project more visual. What I think I could do better is to refer to more websites and use lots of variety in my information.

Hope you enjoy our SWAY

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