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As I was starting this project, I was so eager to jump in and figure out what type of graphs I wanted to use. I started off with the letters. They were fairly simple and straight forward to graph, I wanted to keep it simple and as evenly spaced out as possible. Using the same functions, while translating and reflecting them made it efficient and easier for me to complete these letters and the project in general. If I had done this project before being in this class, I would have individually graphed each hair being transformed however I knew that using the same functions, while transformed would be smarter. My goal from the beginning was to showcase all the graph and make sure they were visible, and I am confident I achieved this in the end, however, there were many challenges…

I restarted my project roughly 5 times. I thought I was getting the hang of it each time I restarted but it wasn’t working out for me. Finding the domain and range, and figuring out how to shade was the most difficult part. I caught myself so frustrated because I couldn’t figure out what to do. I researched online and used the past papers given to us during class to solve the problems I faced. Desmos is something I’m fairly familiar with but I didn’t realize all it’s features. I needed to research how to shade and how to change the colors of the graph. I found it very interesting the amount of things you can do on Desmos. I also faced the challenge of giving up. I didn’t realize the project would be as time consuming as it was and how much focus you have to have while graphing. It was draining yet very informative. I learned that I’m way better at graphing than I thought I was. There were moments where I just couldn’t get the graph in the right place and when I did, it made me so happy.

What got me through this project was the amounts of practice during class. It was interesting to see what we learned, applied to something we can be proud of. I had an easy time including the polynomial, radical, trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions. The one I couldn’t figure out was the rational functions. I spent hours figuring out where I should include it, then I got the idea of using it as the nose. That was my “aha” moment as I knew that I included all the functions. Without the constant practice of transformations, I wouldn’t have been able to do this project.

This project gave me a better understanding about transformations of functions and relations because it put me out of my math comfort zone. I’m used to graphing in class but not in a creative way. This allowed me to problem solve and have fun with what I wanted to create. Although this was difficult, I had a good time figuring out how to create a card that I was satisfied with.