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Desmos Art Functions Card 2019

actual link : As I was starting this project, I was so eager to jump in and figure out what type of graphs I wanted to use. I started off with the letters. They were fairly simple and straight… Continue Reading →


Something you can do to see the real things in life and push yourself to the limits is by not letting outside influences affect you. I believe that social media focuses on controversies and drama that are irrelevant to life… Continue Reading →

Narrative Reflection

DOAS Reflection

Man with Hat

Wave Interference and Standing Waves

Standing Wave When you have interfering waves with the same amplitude and wavelength, the interference pattern is almost stationary (in one place) which is what a standing wave is. The nodes or nodal points are the points that remain still/at… Continue Reading →

Scenario Questions

The American Dream

Thermos Challenge

Newton’s Three Laws of Motion


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