March 13

Week 6 – Quadratic Formula

This week in math we learned about the quadratic formula

The use of it is basically to solve any quadratic equation and the way it works is….

the coefficient in front of the X squared is A, the coefficient in front of X is B, and finally the constant at the back will be C. you simply put the numbers into the formula after and do the math until you get an answer

March 6

Week #5 – Solving Radical Equations

This week in math we learned how to solve Radical Equations

up above we have one of the more complex radical equations but fairly easy if you know the steps to take

since they are both square roots you want to square them both to get rid of the root and from there you can begin the equation by moving the like terms to be paired together but don’t forget to switch the sign around once it crosses the equals sign, if it was positive it turns to negative and if it was negative it turns to positive. From there you combine the like terms which above gave us 20x and 10 and then you isolate the X by dividing 20 from both sides and you simplify to give you X=1/2. Now don’t forget to write down the restrictions, since the solution to X is greater than 0 we will put X is greater than or equal to 0