October 15

My Personal Thoughts on the Indonesian Earthquake

Sorry i did not take this seriously and i imagined this person as my friend rather then family cause that is more realistic to me. Also he is a good friend that i traveled with a lot. and i am older too.

Prompt 2: You have FRIEND in Palu and you want to write them a letter to let them know they are in your thoughts during this traumatic time. Consider what would you say to them and write your letter to them.

Hello James

I trust this letter finds you well even with the disaster. How are you doing? I imagine you were hit by it too? I hope your travels and studies where not to effected by the disaster. I hope you and the kids managed to get out of this unscathed, however I don’t imagine the same can be said for your house. How is food and water? Do you have a place to stay in the mean time? I am enclosing 500$ in this to help you out in the time being. My friend, I will be visiting you as soon as I can. Maybe you and I can go adventuring again. just like old times eh? Ahh those where the days. Traveling the caves in Mexico, waking through the jungles. Good time good times. My friend I am running out of space to right. I know times are tough but just do your best in these tough times. Hold your family close. Tell them it will be ok. Tell them some new jokes as I would do.

Trust me friend, everything will be fine in due time.

Your good friend


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