February 6

Getting to know me

Getting to know me

The 1st couple of thing you should know about me is I love my video games I enjoy to play any type of game from Subnotica to the C.O.D.B1-3, personally my top 10 games are 10) C.O.D infinite warfare, 9) TF2, 8) Minecraft, 7) until dawn, 6) Unturned, 5) the walking dead video game, 4) tomb raider, 3) Subnotaca, 2) the classic Battle front 2 NOT 3, and number 1) Call of duty Black ops 3. But my favorite Black ops 3 I like this one because even though the maps are pretty dam small it is still a fun fast pace game, whether you like to play as a camper, troller or just have pure skill like there is always a game mode to suit your needs.



Some things I like to do are Airsoft and flying drones Airsoft is a game you play with high powered BB guns that really hurt when you get shot but the sting lasts 5 seconds. There are many game modes but it depends on the field you are playing at, I love this “sport” even though I have only played 2 times it is so much fun, but the worst thing you come across are the cheaters who don’t call their hits, it gets really annoying so then you just switch to automatic and light the cheater up till he calls his hit.

Now that drones have been out for as long as they have, I have always wanted one and as soon as I had a choice for a birthday present I got a Parrot scout drone and it is so much fun to fly especially with the first person view.




Now a little bit about me. My name is Owen wotherspoon, I am 14 years old, I LOVE video games, I am a C+ to B average at school, I have a family that consists of 4 Mom, Dad, Brother and me, I have a golden retriever named Tess, I love airsoft and RC stuff, I day dream often, I am more of a hands on person and I love to make people laugh.