October 18

Mt.Saint Hellenes

Question 1: 3 impacts on humans

  • 57 people where killed by ash and mud flow
  • Major damage to human roads and houses etc.
  • Using lazers to measure the growth of the mountain
  • People were preparing for the “worst to happen”
  • If people where caught in that line they will never be found
  • after all the change, the lakes now have fish in them and people enjoy their time there fishing.

Question 2: talk to a teacher to remember the Mt.Saint Hellenes eruption

Interviewer: Owen                                                                         Time of recording: 22/10/2018 7:50 pm

Interviewed: Mother


At the time of the explosion of Mt. Saint Helen’s, my mother was in Nelson BC, Canada, approximately 8 hours away from POCO and 9 hours away from Mt. Saint Helens. My mother had heard about the event of the eruption over the news, and for as frightened as the people closest to the blast where, the kids of Nelson had a different reaction “We where actually excited… we were not in any danger and It was the first time anything like this had happend before… things like that only happened in movies. Also i was in grade 7” unfortunately for her it was to far away to see the blast or the pillar of smoke rising from the crater as it was obstructed by the surrounding mountains. However even though it was so far away and on the other side of the mountain the people did not go unscathed “The ash hit us too, not enough to do damage to the environment or poison the air or anything like that. but it was enough to excite us… we put pieces of paper out to let the ash land on”. So even though they were so far away these people where still touched by the effect of the explosion.

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October 18

Triangulation lab


By Owen

What went wrong with today’s lab? List all the variables that disturbed our results and create a solution to make the outcome more accurate.

There where simply just to many variables, between the different people, leg size, size of step and speed it is just to hard to accurately predict where they started with all these different variables.

– Why do you need more than one seismometer station to find the epicentre of an earthquake? Why is one not enough?

Because they only measure around where the earth quake started meaning you could only go the wrong way, but if you have 2 then you can look at where they over lap giving 2 spots where it could have started and then if you have 3 they will over lap even more giving an even more accurate reading.

Why do you think identifying an epicentre location is important for our  society?

It is important because it will give you the information for an estimate for when and where you should prepare for and earthquake. It will tell you where not to build (like on top of fault lines). it also tells people how they should build their houses, as you will need a stronger house if you are constantly attacked by earthquakes.

How could we use this data in an emergency response situation?

We can find where we need to get to the quickest as people closest to the initial earthquake, because those people who got trapped probably have a lesser chance of survival with the worst being thrown at them. the people farthest from the blast will have less of an effect, still deadly but not as bad.

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October 18

Flash flooding in France!

Flash flooding in France!

-by Owen

After a storm in the night ripped through south France, it brought flash flooding that has caused some serious damage and has killed at least 10 people so far. The flash floods caused people to get trapped in cars, through parked cars into the canals, flooded stores and houses causing major water damage, some people who were hit by the flooding had to be extracted by helicopters. This has caused many roads to close and schools to shut down, and even businesses as their goods where now tainted or ruined by all the water. This all happened October 15th when 6 months’ worth of rain dropped in only one night, now kids can’t go to school, houses and businesses have savvier water damage and their goods have been swept away, and lots of rescue teams have been called in to help these people. The hydrosphere has swelled up to much for the biosphere to handle and the hydrosphere mixed with the lithosphere to cause even more damage to the biosphere and the lithosphere too.


500 firemen where called in to help the injured, evacuate the traumatised people, and keep people as safe as possible. If people could supply more food and water it would help out but currently the water is going down and lots of people are already taking care of the people hurt.


This event does not make me feel much. Because even though I read it on the news and have seen what has happened over videos, they are still only on my computer screen. It is sort of like playing a video game, but a horror game so you know that you should never get to attached to a character cause it is quite possible that in the next scene/ time we see then they my just turn out to die, so it does not have any real effect on me. Also just to add to that this is also a project for school, so it is sort of masked by this other feeling of “you have to stay focused and know what you’re doing” you know?

I would not really propose anything as the French government is already doing all they can to help the people, and the water is subsiding so they will be able to go back soon enough, and they have everything under control for the most part so I believe everything will be alright even without my opinion.










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