October 1

Foods Assessment 1

-Owen W

This past month has been fun, I have never been a good cook; usually I am slow, clumsy and tended to get ingredients wrong or I would do the wrong amount. But this past month has been great; I have not messed up ingredients or amounts when it is my turn to collect the ingredients. Currently I have learned how to make an apple fritter, which has been my favorite so far. (Well an apple strudel but close enough.)  I am part of a good team that for the most part seems to know what the’re doing so that is good too.
Now for the paper work; I have not been the best with this i will leave spaces blank here and there when I can’t find the answer, so i will just hand it in 90% done or so. certainly can improve.. I guess that is all i have to report for this month. My final assessment: needs improvement but over all good.