December 6


For the natives we have had a rocky history with them, we moved them from their homes many times, we straight up gave them deeds to land then got them cheated out of it from some white man trading some fast cash for the deed, and then we went around killing some, and then we tried to teach them English in the residential schools. although Compered to our past we have done a lot for them like they are being supported by our tax dollars, and they still have some land that they can do whatever they want with (Eg colony farms). but when is it enough? We have been supporting them for a really long time and i don’t think we should support them anymore. I mean take the Jewish for example, throughout all of history they had been taken over by multiple country/ empires, the worst being Germany and did they get any compensation for it?! NO! or take America as another example they felt that they had to do a Manifest Destiny and they went around slaughtering the natives (they also wanted to take Canada and Mexico) and do you see those survivors complaining about what happened… well i have not. So in my opinion Canada just needs to end everything on benefits, if you are an able body man or woman you should be able to work for what they need. (welfare and stuff like that is good and bad… this is hard to explain)

October 4

Humans Devil Creation

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I don’t think i need to explain. But i guess just the thought of a little piece of metal being stuck in your arm…well its just messed up. Umm this fear does not really effect my life. The only advantage of this is that i am less likely to turn to drugs. The only way it can be used against me is i guess if i was in a fight and someone pulled out a needle rather then a knife i would be out of there faster the Sonic on speed. How am i supposed to reduce a fear that happens so rarely that i don’t have to think about it for over 4 years at a time. Did i learn anything? I LEARNED HOW I CAN TORMENT 3 OF MY CLASSMATES

September 24

The Pursuit of Happiness Write up

How does somebody find courage in hard times?

By: Owen.W

Edited: 24/09/2018

In the Pursuit of Happiness directed by Gabriele Muccino, it tells the real life story of Chris Gardner and the struggle he went through to get where he is today. Chris had started fresh out of the navy in San Francisco to follow a promising career in medicine. However he did not pursue this career and rather he set his path on the “competitive world of high finance”. However as he got into an entry-level position, Chris was smacked with a series of events that lost him his wife, money, and his house, the only thing he had left was a suit case of clothes, a little bit of pocket change and his son. Now homeless and with a child Chris had to move from hotel to hotel, shelter to shelter and even sleeping in subway station bathrooms, and while most people would give up Gardner keeps pressing on. Even with all of this hardship and despair he still finds the courage to keep on training to get his job, all because the promise he made to himself and his son. 


(the promise was that he would give his son a better life)