Whirligig Introductory Assignment


Forgive to the Point Of Self-Respect


The reason to forgive is to forget the fault.  Even though you try to forget the fault, it will always be there.  Which makes it more difficult to admit you’ve done something wrong.  Forgiving someone will only ever be okay to the point where you still respect yourself.  When you are taken advantage of is when you draw the line.  In my opinion forgiving is needed to be happy or to be at peace.  Because if you just forget and don’t forgive, you will always have that grudge at the back of your head.  It is more calming to just forgive and move on.  As important as this is, personally I don’t always forgive everyone all the time.  If I did, that is when people would start taking advantage of me.  Mistakes are to only be made once, but if I never draw the line on some people they will continue doing the faults that need forgiveness.  As much as this benefit’s me, it also benefit’s the person.  Forgiving isn’t easy.  It is hard to let go of something someone has done to do you wrong.  By not always forgiving the other person will help them understand that they need to be more aware of their actions.  In my opinion my forgiveness shouldn’t be enough to make someone feel better about themselves.  because really that’s all that is.  If someone does something wrong to me, me forgiving the person will not make me feel better, it will only make the person feel better.  I just have to find another way to cope with it.  That is why forgiveness could be really tough on some people.  Because how can forgiving someone change the fact that they still did something to hurt you.  The reason to forgive is to forget the fault, but you will never actually forget, because what’s done is done.





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