Make the Intangible, Tangible

Unseen Forces, they are more powerful than you think.  Sometimes when we make a wish, if we keep believing that it’ll come true it will, but if you don’t believe in it then it wont.  In the chapter Weeksboro, Maine,  Steph wasn’t much of a dreamer like Alexandra, although by the end she changed. ” I haven’t become a mush-headed dreamer. But just in case unseen forces do exist, I pay my respects to them.” (pg32)  Steph started to believe in the magic that Alexandra was putting off.  Which made their wish come true.  Which leads to the EQ How can we train ourselves to look past the superficial?  “Disbelieving, fearful, hopeful, I slowly turned my head and stared.” (pg32) Steph was so surprised that Alexandra’s unseen forces were possibly real that she didn’t believe it when she first heard the human sound. Maybe we need to see it to believe it, but sometimes if you don’t believe it you’ll never see it.  So how can we train ourselves to look past the superficial?  Because sometimes our society is so caught up in the tangible that the amount of dreamers are limited now-a-days.  If we never start focusing more on the intangible how are we ever going to see more into ourselves.  Finding your true self involves thinking outside the box (intangible).  Maybe you are the person who invents a way for humans to fly without jet packs, or any other type of machinery, but you will have to dig into your brain for those intangible ideas.  We need the intangible to create the tangible.  We need to believe the superficial.  If you make a wish upon a star, but don’t believe it will come true what was the point of making that wish?  It’s like joining a race, but not believing in yourself to win.  Seeing isn’t everything..  Whoever created the first car never saw one for real before that idea came from the intangible from the superficial..  Our society can and will corrupt if we never consider that things can still be true and exist even if we cant taste, hear, smell , see our touch them.

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  1. Kathy Shong
    April 27, 2016 at 11:44 pm

    Nicole – well done. I love the car example … that it was once just an idea in someone’s imagination.

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