Rain – English Poem Project



The rain is an unforgiving curse

Leaving its mark

Bringing loved ones home in a hearse

No one understands the rain

You’d like to go inside

But what’s the point? You’re already soaked

Besides, there’s no place where you could be dried

You’re submerged in the rain; there’s no coming out

It’s like being forced to play outside

But in the rain; all alone

There were others who played with pride

But their mama’s were calling them home, I suppose

I despise the rain

But others see its purpose

Driven by propaganda

It’s driving me insane

Even after the long, cold rain

After the sun finally shines

I can still feel the pain

It lingers; it’s running through my veins

No one understands the war

It brings the flags to half mass

Remembering those who have passed

The war is an unforgiving curse.



  1. Determine the subject of the poem

This poem is about the subject of war using the word rain for a visual effect. It addresses the historical issues of young people getting thrown into World War 1.


  1. Identify the poem’s narrator

The speaker is the narrator who is a young boy in the war. He is speaking to those who are at home and “don’t understand the war”. The boy is alone in a war zone writing while he still can.


  1. Note the diction (word choice) of the poet



  1. Determine the tone of the poem

The poem is very serious and sad. The words alone, pain, insane, despise etc. shows how the people in the war may have felt.


  1. Determine the rhythmical devices used by the poet

Each stanza in this poem is 4 lines. End rhyme is used often in this poem but not consistent enough to be considered to have a rhyme scheme.


  1. Note the use of other literary devices

This poem creates the allusion of the war not using the actual word “war” until the very end. Instead, the poet (me) uses the word rain almost comparing rain to war. This is also why the poem is called rain.


  1. Determine the values of the poem

I think that the poem does a good job in making the reader emotional and even though it’s not an inspirational poem (my bad) it makes the reader think.



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