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Science 9

Gardening Robot- finale

  (Left to right: Lauren, Wendy, Linda, Haize) Core Competency: Social Responsibility  My self advocacy skills are still developing. Not just in a social setting, but in an academic setting as well. My perseverance could use a bit of work. A… Continue Reading →

Thyroid Cancer

Part 1: The Story of Thyroid Cancer 1)  What effects does the cancer have on your host’s body? “Symptoms of advanced thyroid cancer include trouble breathing, a hoarse voice, difficulty swallowing, and even bone pain if the cancer has moved… Continue Reading →

Deoxyribonucleic Acid model

1.How are chromosomes, DNA, and genes related to each other?                                                            … Continue Reading →

Observing plant & animal cells

What do animal cells look like under the microscope? What cell structures are visible? Image A shows a round cell with “softer looking” cell structures. The difference between plant and animal cells are the number of contents within the cells, the… Continue Reading →

Solution Fluency- Gardening Robot

Define  As new plants are being discovered, so are different ways to maintain them. How can electricity be repurposed for benefiting the environment, while using as little time and physical energy as possible? The Gardening Robot relieves it’s user of… Continue Reading →

Static Electricity

Learning about the history of electricity was rather fun. It was interesting to watch how much of a mark it made on science. However, I am still curious as to why static electricity was one of the only fields of… Continue Reading →

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