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Grade 12

The Cat of Cats

( I did not add the video because I am a nervous wreck and that evidence need not be on the internet forever)   I like my cat, I like her well, As all the house may see. I like… Continue Reading →

Cups of Tea and Fading Memories

  The walk to my grandmother’s house can go by in a blink if I’m not mentally present during the endeavor. With minimal traffic, there is not much to prevent me from musing about anything among the company of nature…. Continue Reading →

Essay Reflection

In reflecting on the process of writing, I discovered that I frequently make the assumption that my reader is on the same thought process as I am. Thinking about how to explain what I write about has been helpful in… Continue Reading →

Would Ray Bradbury be okay with this?

Reach for the stars, and you’ll land– in a hotel?! In an August 2019 article written by Paul Ratner for Big Think, he discusses the (somewhat) controversial idea of an upcoming “space hotel.” “If Earthly destinations are not enough to… Continue Reading →

Medical Debt, Explained

Bernie vs the (Corporate) American healthcare system In Canada, medical debt is a concept (thankfully) unfathomable to most citizens, thanks to universal healthcare– a group of socialized health insurance plans that provide coverage to all Canadian citizens. The problems that… Continue Reading →

A century of connections– The worlds oldest barber still going strong

Hair we are! Since days gone by, barbershops and beauty salons alike have long served as a place for connection and unwinding. In addition to a haircut, people are able to be open and talk about issues important to them…. Continue Reading →

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