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April 2019

Fahrenheit 451 Reflection

In this presentation, I was given the role of Connector and Visual Enhancer. We worked with pages 32- 38. The main ideas of my jobs were: to make text to text/ text to self/ text to world connections, and to… Continue Reading →

Fahrenheit 451 Presentation

Genoa, Liguria, Italy

Questa è una città italiana presentazione.       

Introduction to Fahrenheit 451

Write two surface level, knowledge and comprehension questions and answers. Make sure you include evidence with page numbers in your answers. Who is Montag? What does he do for a living? Ans: Pg. 2, and 4. Montag is the main… Continue Reading →

Il Polletto Carletto

This file is very large, so I can’t upload it directly without layout changes. Click here to view the powerpoint.    

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