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February 2019

The Life and Times and Trials and Tribulations of Alan Turing

Science is a differential equation. Religion is a boundary condition. Throughout history, people on the LGBTQIA spectrum have commonly been ousted from society, despite extraordinary talents and abilities. Alan Mathison Turing is an excellent example. Born on 23 June 1912… Continue Reading →

There Will Come Soft Rains

6. The story says a great deal about our society’s obsession with technology in order to have an ‘easier’ life. There is, however, an underlying warning in this story that concerns our materialistic attitude and the environmental repercussions. Explain in… Continue Reading →

Italiano- storia due (I biscotti blu)

Italiano- Storia Uno ( I gatti blu)

The Life and Times and Trials and Tribulations of Srinivasa Ramanujan

Number Theory In the early 20th century, often times people of colour were not held in high regard in academic fields. Such a concept was true for Srinivasa Ramanujan, a young mathematician from Erode, India. Although he was a prodigy… Continue Reading →

The Life and Times and Trials and Tribulations of Marie Curie

Physics jokes have a lot of potential Maria (Marie) Sklodowska Curie was born in Warsaw, Poland on November 7, 1867. The youngest child of a large family, Curie received a substandard local education along with scientific training from her father. Prior… Continue Reading →

The Two Fishermen

5. Why does the writer give a clear description of the Hangman? Why does he make Smitty a shy, meek, almost helpless person instead of a bold, strong, six foot hulk of a man? The Hangman is simply a mask… Continue Reading →

La bibliothèque d’Alexandrie

(In memoriam of a place that could have propelled civilization forward) Many and many a year ago, libraries were seen as houses of great knowledge, through which one could become as intelligent as they possibly could, should they try. The… Continue Reading →

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Yes, Virginia… The topic of Santa Claus has always been one of debate come Christmastime. Every year, many parents wrestle with the question of whether or not to say to their children, “Hey kids! You remember all those wonderful gifts… Continue Reading →

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