This is the link to the stop motion video:

Collaboration fluency:

1.We had strength’s with some people having creative ideas for the project. We also had people who knew how to edit, and do the voice over. We got strength’s in plenty with everyone having different ideas and different types of creativity which helped in the project.

2.I edited, me and Patrick made the clay sculptures, Eva moved around the sculptures to create the stop motion while we made what we would need next for the stop motion. I also did the voice over for the project with help from the notes.

3.We want to meet deadlines, try to make sure the work is equal and have everyone having fun and working together while doing the project. We want to make sure we have everything and try our bests to get the highest marks possible.

4.I feel we’d have a problem and it would be more difficult to get a good mark or finish the project if these rules aren’t followed.

5.I don’t have questions. I understand the requirements of the project.

6.Our goals is to meet the deadline and acquire a good mark while also having fun together while doing the project.

7.The final outcome will look like a fluid movie with a voice over to describe whats happening. Information that is needed are what happens during each phase along with the order of phases.

8.Day 1 would be planning, Day 2-3 Would be taking pictures, Day 4 would be editing and day 5  would be finishing any loose ends.