Part 1:

My host is a young boy named Tyler. As a gene, my┬ástory on my mutation was that I was changing, everyone had trouble accepting the new me as it was just so different from what i used to be. It seemed to be common at the time everyone was changing, the new trend got popularized fast through out the cells.. Maybe even altered. For Tyler he was feeling weaker he had trouble walking, he was getting pain in his arms and legs, muscle cramps and slurred speech. He went to see his doctor with his mom to see what was going on. He got told that he had contracted ALS which is a familial disease which he most likely contracted from his grandfather who also had it. He was confused and asked the doctor how it happens. The doctor told him his cells we’re altered with the mutation of it along with putting his genes in a autosomal dominant pattern, which he told was, you only need one copy of the altered gene in each cell to contract the disease. I felt Tyler appreciate life more after he contracted ALS as he knew he wouldn’t be this strong forever, and went out to do everything on his bucket list while enjoying the time he had with his family and friends, but he also was very mad that his happened to him, he felt like all his friends would go on to do great things with their lives and he’d just die. He is trying his best to make something of himself with the time he has left and making sure to enjoy life while it lasts.

Part 2:

1. The questions I had to learn we’re:

What happens to the genes during ALS

How do you contract ALS

What are the symptoms of ALS

2. I really only researched the information and didn’t use any new tools as I worked through this project.

3. I used google, which gave me a lot of different places with different information and stories of people with ALS.

4. I verified by checking multiple websites to make sure my information was correct and precise. I cited the websites by putting the citations down below.

5.I think I could’ve gone into more detail about Tyler and what he was doing to enjoy his life and try to make something of himself before its to late.