Pre-Calc 11 Week #2

This week I learned about finite geometric series and how to find the general term (t_n) along with how to find the sum of whatever the term number is.

To find t_n, you need t_1 and the common ratio

In this example I’m looking for t_{13} with a t_1 of 5 and a common ratio of 2

And in this next example I show how to find S_{13} with the same numbers.


Pre-Calc 11 Week #1

This week in Pre-Calc 11 we learned how to use the patterns in arithmetic sequences and series to find a number later in the series/sequence.

Basically if t_1 is 4 and t_2 is 8 we can tell the common difference is +4 using the common difference we can find any number after.

In this example I’ll show how to get t_{35} using the information found


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