The Cult of ‘Jurassic Park’

I was interested in the content because of my love for movies and tv shows. The article talks of Jurassic Park, a movie that completely changed the game with the use of CGI and the signature Spielberg filming that’s shown throughout his many movies. The author praises Spielberg and the franchise, telling us he must be part of the vast cult that loves the movies. The author expresses praise by going into detail about what he loved about the movies by showing us that he cares about the attention to detail shown throughout the movies, being very descriptive throughout. He also expresses his love of the camera work used with the dinosaurs by expert cinematographers in the movies, specifically Spielberg, who directed the first movie, which most of us can agree is the best of the franchise. It’s insightful how he talks about the movies and tells us what he likes about it giving us an insight into his motivation to create this article, which is his love of the franchise. The connections I made while reading the article is sharing my love of movies, including Spielberg’s work and the Jurassic Park franchise with the author, the author conditions toward the enormous cult following who even after years continues to be big fans of the movie. He does this by giving us nostalgia reminding us why we love the movies by explaining why he loves the movies.