September lab reflection

Sunflower Crepes

Sunflower crepes was the breakfast dish that we made with crepes, eggs, cheese, and bacon. I chose the sunflower crepes to do my September lab reflection on because I thought my table group worked really well with each other and it was a really fun lab to do. I enjoyed doing this lab because it was a challenge for me and my table group but it was also really fun to make. This lab went the way I wanted it to go because they turned out really nice and m group made the crepes really good. The only mistake that my group had was me lighting the microwave on fire while melting the butter. If I had to change one this I would change the fact that some of our crepes ripped after we put them in the oven to cook. My group worked really well together because we all had a job to do during the lab so no one was just standing around doing nothing. I would recommend this recipe to someone lose because It was fun to make and the results were really good. If I were to do something different next time I made this recipe, I would double check the wrapper for foil so I don’t light it on fire In the microwave. Overall I really liked making this breakfast food because it was a challenge and it was really fun to make.