Iron chef reflection

My group decided to make cinnamon waffle sticks with a maple dipping sauce. We decided to use this recipe because it was quick and easy but also had really good results and was packed with a lot of flavour and different textures that we wanted to include in our iron chef dish. I was very please on how our recipe was presented and how easy and enjoyable it was to make. The only problem we had with the dish was the dipping sauce. It didn’t get as thick as we wanted it to get but we improvised and decided to make a thinner sauce instead and to put it on the side instead of on top of the waffle. I think it was a good choice to put the dipping sauce on the side instead for many reasons. We didn’t want the waffle to get soggy and the waffle would have absorbed the sauce and would have hidden the flavours that we wanted to present in the sauce. We were the first group to present our dishes to the judges so we picked a very good recipe because it was short and easy to make, so we finished in time perfectly. I enjoyed this activity and making the recipe that we chose because I have made waffles before but I have never made something like that before. If we were to do this recipe again I would add more ingredients into the waffles and find a way to make the dipping sauce thicker. My group worked really well together and worked efficiently to get the dishes done in the time that we were given. Overall I am really happy with the results of our dishes and I really enjoyed the activity