Mutation story

Hi I am a girl and my name is Sally. One day I went to the doctors for a blood test and the labratory was so shocked that they said that you have the rarest blood in the world. The doctors did more tests on Sally and the doctors  went to her parents and told her that you have to protect her from any danger because if she gets hurt or anything bad will happen they will not be able to save her life. Oneday Sally went out with her parents and there was a terrible car accident on the highway. Sally got very hurt and her parents just got a little bit of scratches. Sally lost a lot of blood and she really needed a blood transfusion but nobody in the hospital had her golden blood type. The golden blood gene mutation is a disadvantage because there is no one with golden blood that can save your life. But people with golden blood are super special and they are always protecting themselves because they know that nobody will be able to donate blood for blood transfusion.

part 2

  1. How it effects your whole life
  2. I used google chrome
  3. I read about it in an article
  4. I found words that are hard to understand and then I used a dictionary to define them and make it simplified
  5. I could have explained more about the gene mutation.