What I learned this week is how to write an entire radical from a mixed radical. The first thing you do is look at the square root number or cube root. Than the number that is in front you multiply it by your perfect square and after it is done you have to multiply the number that is inside of the square root by your first number squared. I found it easier to calculate it when its in a fraction cause you just square the number on the top and what is done at the top must be done as well at the bottom. Then you multiply that fraction by the one in the square root. That is how you write an entire radical from a mixed radical. Here is the example that I did from the workbook and since you can’t have negatives inside a square root you leave it on the outside, and that is what I shown in my answer. Also don’t forget to simplify the fraction if it is possible.


Geometric Sequences


In class last week we learned how to calculate geometric sequences using a specific formula and you know that it is a geometric sequence if it has a common ratio and since the equation gave me my common ratio it made it easier to calculate. But some equations the r is unknown and to solve it you have to isolate the variable and then use the ratio number you get and substitute into your formula.

In this geometric sequence I had to determine the S5 by using the tn formula and get the answer. After using the formula I substituted the variables with the numbers in the geometric sequence and then I used my scientific calculator and plugged in the numbers that are in the brackets and then when I got my answer of -968 I had to divide it by a positive 2 since 3-1= +2. Then since I divided a negative with a positive my answer had to become negative due to the exponent rule. It was challenging and confusing at first but then when I worked through more problems I understood how to properly use the formula and what to plug into my calculator to get the right answer. Which now made it easy for me to calculate. The skill checks also very helped me understand how to show my work the right way instead of just messing up in the calculator and getting the wrong answer. Showing my work really helped me because if I messed up on a step then I can no problem go back and check and find out what I did wrong instead of guessing how to get that number.

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Annabel Lee Poem assignment

Annabel Lee Poem Analysis


The poem that was chosen is called Annabel Lee by Edgar Alan Poe and it is about his loved one who he met by a kingdom by a sea. The poem has a lot of repetition and it is a sad poem. The woman Annabel Lee has wisdom and Edgar Alan Poe really loved her. They met each other when they were kids and his love for her grew every year. The poem is also very romantic and it’s his memories about his loved one who passed away. Edgar Alan Poe’s poems are very dark or about his loved ones. But he was saying how he wants to lock her up in a room in the kingdom by the sea to protect her from dangerous situations. Edgar then said that he is upset that death separated them from each other. The poem doesn’t have a consistent rhyme scheme. The poem is tragic and beautiful, it also comes back to the rhyme “kingdom by the sea and “Annabel Lee”. The constant rhyming with these words sounds like a sad love song for his loved one. The way the poem doesn’t have a constant rhyme scheme it makes it more real and not one of those kid songs with a lot of rhymes that are cliché. The beautiful poem leaves me wanting for more and at the end of the poem Poe says that he lies at her tomb stone every night by the sea. That line shows how Poe is in very bad pain and how his heart is aching without her. This poem is seriously a love story and he never gave up on his loved one. Even after they got separated from each other, he also says that Annabel Lee was his angel and guardian from heaven which is so beautiful and sad. Edgar Alan Poe’s poems are just full of emotion which makes them unique and very interesting to read. The poem is a six stanza poem about his loved one. The two of the loved ones were supposed to get married until her death separated them from each other.


Flame Test Lab

The flames turn different colors because specific elements get excited, so do their electrons. In this case, heat energy is used to excite the electrons. The excited electrons raise to a higher energy level, and as they come back down they produce a specific wavelength of light (protons). Each element has a different color.

Solution #1: LiNO3

Solution # 2: Cu(NO3)2

Solution # 3: KNO3

Solution #4: Sr(NO3)2

Solution # 5: Zn(NO3)2

Solution #6: Ca(NO3)2

Capital Punishment assignment

Capital punishment is when the government sends people to be killed. There are different ways of killing. I imagine the most painful one is getting hanged or the needle injections. Capital punishment started in 1967 on November 30th. Capital punishment was a terrible penalty to rapists, murderers and other very bad criminals. Instead of killing someone they should be sent to a rehabilitation center. In this image a person is getting hung for a crime that he committed.

Image result for capital punishment hung person


I personally think that Thomas Delaney did not deserve to be hung for defending his wife because he just wanted to help to get rid of the rapist. The way he murdered the guy it was the only way to get rid of him from assaulting his wife. The judge was very unfair he could have listened out the case more thoroughly, not just send him to be killed. If Thomas Delaney was the rapist, then it would have been ok for the government to kill him. If I was the judge I would have listened to both of the stories the wife and Delaney then make my decision. Thomas’s wife should have spoken up but we don’t know their backstory maybe Thomas was the rapist and the wife wasn’t his wife then it is totally ok to kill someone for that treason or betrayal to government.



Food Critic Yelp Review

Don’t Bother me I am Crabby For Seafood!

Red Lobster in Portland was one of the nicest seafood’s restaurants and usually pretty packed.  That place has a lot of room space and tables. The tables are covered with a nice table cloth and with very clean utensils.The atmosphere there is calm and smells like mouth watering seafood. When I walked in we quickly got our table and 20 minutes later our food came. I grabbed a piece of shellfish it was so crunchy and juicy. It was so good. Red Lobster is not that uptight and people can wear whatever they want. But I wore clothes that were formal because I went there three times. The restaurant always has free unlimited refills of their special peach iced tea. It was so sweet, and had a tart taste to it. Red Lobster is memorable because I went there for my sixteenth birthday and had a lot of good seafood. The staff at Red Lobster were very polite and quick with everything. The food I ordered was the feast and it came with everything perfectly cooked. I have been to a lot of seafood restaurants and most of them were not as good as Red Lobster. Red Lobster never let me down they always have the best services and if you want to take a free drink home they will let you with no problem. The seafood there is always fresh when you walk through the door you will see the lobsters in an aquarium swimming in salt water, freshly caught. Loved this restaurant and the experience there was unforgettable. The prices are very fair and big size portions. If you don’t finish your food you can ask it to be packed and eat it the next day for leftovers.  Highly recommend this restaurant give it a chance to amaze you .

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