One minute film project

The landlady was chosen by our group because it included more people and had a dark humor that I really enjoy, and it was a lot of fun. The scenes that were included were important because it summarized the whole book and all the key events that happened throughout the short story. My favorite scene was when Amel the landlady opened the door quickly and the first time she opened the door she scared everyone, and I was the taxidermist dog and I flinched and then we all had to re film the whole thing and that time I had a warning when the door opened and I held my breath to make me look more dead. I learned that filming was a lot of fun and when I had to film the last two scenes it was interesting because I either made it too long or too short. The scenes were so cool, and Dante’s house was perfect for all the scenes and to film you need to make a lot of adjustments, we all had to re arrange Dante’s basement to make it look like the bed and breakfast. The scenes themselves were pretty tricky because you had to get a right angle and the perfect length for each clip without cutting anyone off or making the scene too long. I also learned that I can make people laugh and had a lot of fun with the whole process and I couldn’t have not asked for a better group then the one I was part of.