Arts and Scientist Response

“Are writers and artists as important to society as scientists and engineers?”

Art gives people purpose and a large portion of the population has a great passion for it. Artists and Writers create something for others to enjoy. Engineers fix and build many things, similar to artists and writers with how they create paintings and poetry. Arts bring back history, through written text or ancient paintings, people today are able to look back on the past and learn from the mistakes of previous generations. By reading books people become more intelligent and they get better at comprehension.  Art gives people creativity and  allows people to think outside the box to create a picture or article for others to enjoy. Scientists and engineers are important because they create and do research for many important things that will help our civilization. As well artists and writers give creativity to the audience that reads and views the art created. Both arts and sciences are equally important because you can not have one without the other. For example, an architect has to create drawings and make plans for people to build their design. Scientists can influence writers by providing facts for their nonfictional books just like art can influence engineers with plans to design a building. So both artists and writers are as important to scientists and engineers to society.

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