October 31

Letter from home assignment

Dear Theodor Godfrey,

It’s been a while since I last wrote to you, and I’ve missed you so much. I hope you are doing well, I think about you all the time. Life has been good at home, the government made a few changes. They created the Measures Act, we now have limited freedom by having censorship, detainment and internment camps. But I am safe as well as our son Peter, he is going to school and has been getting good grades. Our economy has been doing very well. Thankfully Canada has been providing you soldiers with new boots and ammunitions as well as food.  I’m glad you are getting the supplies needed, if you didn’t get new boots, mud would seep right through them.  Since we have been giving you guys new equipment and food, our taxes and costs have gone up. Not many people are happy that we have to pay more because our wages have staid the same. I am currently working as a nurse at our local walk in clinic, I enjoy it very much. Sam Hughes was responsible for all of your boots and equipment, he ended up being replaced, thankfully, and the government started to make more planes and ships. The suffragist movement has taken off and at our next election I will be voting for the first time. It’s about time they let us women vote, I am so exited that I get to be a part of something meaningful and important. I am hoping you’ll get to come home soon, I thought it was going to be a short war. There have been a lot of volunteers taking part in the war, mostly for the reasons of  unemployment, and being patriotic to their country.  I really wish you could make it home for the holidays, Peter and I will be missing you lots on Christmas day. We think you are a true hero to our country. Peter and I are so proud of you! We wish you all the best Theo, I love you with all my heart. Stay safe. 

 Love your wife,

~Mary Godfrey

October 19

Canada’s role in international conflicts

I am not knowledgeable of Canada’s role in international conflicts. Here are some things I have herd but am not sure if they are accurate.

Canada and the United States are often allies, and will back each other up when one is in a conflict with another country. Canada has a very strong military and are prepared if a conflict were to happen.

September 28

Multiculturalism through the decades

1.How do people maintain their culture post immigration, and in what ways?

This website below has a few insides on how immigrants may feel having to go from their culture to Canada’s. Immigrants change their entire life when they come to a new country. They try to learn the new language and they try to fit in even though it might be hard so times. In the website I have provided it says ” They may maintain familiar medical practices, such as traditional healing or therapies that, in many situations, can be helpful. Children and youth may feel ashamed that they don’t know about popular music or television shows, or find it difficult to dress like their new peers.” When immigrants came they would live their life the way they would when they were in their old country and they would open restaurants that would sell common food from their culture and their customers would be other immigrants. Immigrants also sell items that would be common in their old country.


Some immigrants might be discouraged to maintain their culture because of facing racism. I inserted a website that explain what it is like for someone to immigrate. The website says “On settling down in the new culture, their cultural identity is likely to change and that encourages a degree of belonging.” The article explains that even though an immigrant may decide to keep their culture, it will probably change for them being in a different country.


2. How does that show people maintaining their cultural heritage or how does it show people being discouraged from that?

I would think that most immigrants keep their culture alive weather they are showing it physically or emotionally and depending on the person they might be more enthusiastic about their culture than others might be. I have grown up with two immigrant grandparents who have maintained their cultural background but have managed to be apart of  the Canadian culture as well.

3. Based on the two samples you have found, do you think Canada is a multicultural country?  Explain why?

I think Canada is a multicultural country because Canada has been very excepting to most cultures and even if the past wasn’t as welcoming to others, in present day Canada is accepting and has a verity of cultures in the country.

September 19

Introductory writing assignment

I chose this photo to be a  representation of Canada’s identity, because the quote  says everything that Canada is. I can reflect on this quote when it says “We have a wonderful land, and great possibilities” I chose this quote because I completely agree with everything the quote says. The quote shows a positive insight on our country. Canada has developed a lot over the past 150 years. This quote gives me appreciation for all of those who worked hard to build our country to be great for all the people who live in Canada. If a Canadian from 100 years ago were to read this quote, I believe they would agree that Canada is a beautiful country. They might disagree a little because 100 years ago Canada was still growing to become a great nation, so it had different qualities than it does today. In our present time today I agree that Canada has a lot to offer to everyone living here and that most people agree that Canada is a wonderful place to live.


This news article gives an accurate understanding of the qualities Canada has. The article explains how our country has been very welcoming to all languages and religions. I feel very proud to be Canadian because we are so accepting to all people of any race or ethnicity. As the article says “Canada became an example to the world of a modern, workable nation state.” We have set examples on how to be a good nation and though it has taken a long time Canada is one of the most resourceful and welcoming countries in the world. Canada had been very welcoming to allow immigrants to come to our country  during the immigration and industrialization. There were multiple events that has shaped Canada into the country that it is today, and I think that this article has a great view point on our Canadian history. I believe that if an immigrant from the immigration and industrialization were to read the article, they would probably agree that Canada has been a very excepting country to all.