All About Me

This is all about Aidan Schulmeister. I am in grade 10 and love technology. I have been super interested in coming to this school because of it’s 1:1 tech program! And for the first year I’ve been here, I’ve loved this program! My favorite hobby is programming! I use a program called GameMaker to create small and fun 2D games! Saying that, I take an elective called Programming 11! A course that is ran entirely through programming and how it is now becoming a new life skill! This course is easily one of my favorite things I’ve done here so far and I am excited to continue!

– Aidan

4 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. Aidan your blog looks really cool. I also like the 1:1 tech program. You are probably a great swimmer, you should consider joining the school swim team.

  2. I’m really glad we have your here at Riverside, Aidan. Thanks so much for all the tech help you give the students around you!

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