The Most Dangerous Game (Film Project)

The most Dangerous Game Film Reflection

The reason why I had chosen The Most Dangerous Game was because it would be one of the most convenient to film. I had access to a forest like area, a pool, and my dog, each of these taking several scenes. In the first act, I had started off by introducing the two main characters, Sanger Rainsford and Captain Zaroff. I slowly progress into Rainsford’s discovery that Zaroff doesn’t hunt animals, rather humans. I use this particular scene since it is one of the most important character and plot progressions in the story. I also show a scene of how nice Zaroff’s place since it was also noted in the story. In the second act, I show a zoom-out of the island. I also show scenes of me running, swimming, and the hound while a voiceover of Captain Zaroff explaining how his game works. The reason why I had chosen to do a voiceover while the footage shows the action that happens in the story, was because there is so much to explain and so much that happens. By combining the action and the voiceover, I allow the viewer to take in more info in less time since I was limited to a minute. The act ends with me diving into the water and we end up at Zaroff’s house once again for act 3. I stick with the last few lines of the story because it is the final point of action in the story that eventually leads to the resolution of Rainsford killing Captain Zaroff for the greater good.

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