[Math10] What I learned this week (Nov 18th)

Today I learned how to completely factor Polynomials! Here’s how: EXAMPLE: Factor Completely: STEP 1: Factor the polynomial! First we can factor the question already! Since we already have have ! Because we have to square the number when we factor it, we put down ! Here’s what it should look like: (    )(    ) […]

[Math10] What I learned this week (Nov 4th)!

This week, I learned how to use a new method to use the distributive property called (FOIL)! Here’s how: First – Multiply the first term in each set of parentheses Outer – Multiply the outer term in each set of parentheses Inner – Multiply the inner term in each set of parentheses Last – Multiply […]

[Math10] What I learn this week (Oct 7th)

This week I learned all about converting between Units! Here’s how: Example: Convert 1500 cm to ft! First, we need to convert 1500 cm to a much higher unit! Let’s do meters. This part is super easy, all we have to do is divide 1500 by 100: The answer is 15 meters! Next we need to […]


Video Demonstration This method is called the “Constellation” Method and this is similar to the “Tree” Method. However you make it look like a constellation so that way the space is much more organized.   You can also get the LCM using the “Constellation” Method!