Silent Narrative Poem

Trapped in a cage, all alone,
Alone with no one who could hear me groan,
But always keep your eyes on the prize winner,
I certainly will never take mine off that juicy dinner,
However, the price will not come without patience,
A show with a man, in front of an audience,

This show showcases a hat with great power,
However, this hat had made me sour,
My dinner depends on my responsibility,
However, this time I was on the verge of hostility,
This time, we came unprepared for the show,
I look through the drawer and find eggs and mouse to throw,

The man realized I was unable to assist,
And as a result, he was very pissed,
I turned against him, embarrassing him onstage,
After this, he ran after me with fiery rage,

He took my dinner and crushed it,
I was not done, I was still able to outwit,
Tying him up and sending him sky high,
This was dangerous, as he could fall and die,
Quickly thinking, I needed a plan,
I used his hat and saved the man

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