Week 8 in Math 10

This week in math we learned how to ‘solve’ a triangle. So if you’re going to solve a triangle, you should probably know what that means first. To solve a triangle is to find all the missing information about it, so any missing sides or angles. You can finish solving the triangle, using previous lessons and information you already know, to do so.

You can now check your work, first add up all the angles and it should add up to 180°. Next, you can use Pythagorean theorem (a^2+b^2=c^2) to check the sides, you plug in the respective numbers to their places (a side and b side in their places, example below) and you should get approximately the hypotenuse side’s measurement, if you get a number way off you most likely did something wrong, so you can go back and fix your work. Those are some good ways to check your answer!


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